11th Edition

Nominations 11e 2018

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Project Title Country Directors Producers
"Cuba, Libre?" United States Dick Jordan Dick Jordan
"Selfie" United States Mimi Garrard The Mimi Garrard Dance Company Inc.
22 Marzo 2016 Belgium Stefano Cinti and Stephane Wertz   
8 Netherlands Andrew Vandaele Andrew Vandaele
A Beautiful Dawn Tunisia Ahmed Ferchichi Ahmed Ferchichi
A bullet - Sam’s confession Taiwan Tsai Tsai  
A Date With Shillelagh United Kingdom Jeff Stewart, Brian Johnston Keith Large
A little Pause India Ayesha Julka Samesha Production, Sameer Vashi
A Taste of Life Italy Daniel Mercatali Daniel Mercatali
A tree remembers Greece Konstantinos Follas Konstantinos Follas
ABALON United Kingdom Vahid Keshavarz Vahid Keshavarz, Hady Lotfavady
Aboriginal Radio France adrien sommen Trois Frontières Production
Alea Jacta Est ! France Daniel JENNY Daniel JENNY
ALL ABOUT SEC 377 PILOT India Amit Khanna neeru khera
Amber France Gabriel MIRÉTÉ Gabriel MIRÉTÉ
An Underground Affair United Kingdom O Nathapon Michael Hua
Anime in corsia - Souls in lane Italy Vladimir Di Prima Francesco massimino
ANONYMOUS 616 United States Mike Boss Mike Boss, Jessica Boss, Peter Fuhrman
Anonymous Psychos Switzerland Anaëlle Morf  
As to the Wind United Kingdom Finbar Shepherd Finbar Shepherd
AT NIGHT... Guadeloupe Bruno PERUCH Bruno PERUCH
Audition France Tamar Baruch Tamar Baruch, Arow Mahafaty
BANG Denmark Jan Vesala Jan Vesala
Beautified United Kingdom Emily Haigh Emily Haigh, Lisa Haigh
Behind Closed Doors United Kingdom Russell Biles Adi Kemp, Sylvie Thornton, Tianna Hopkins, Lee Craven
Bent On Somnolence United States Timothy McCarthy Timothy McCarthy
BETWEEN Portugal Andre Ben Birken , Takis Panas TAKIS PANAS
Bloodie Writes an Anthem United States Rebecca Ruige Xu Sean Hongsheng Zhai
Boom goes Julian Club Mix 'SNOLLYGOSTER' vid Australia Stevie Big Gee Stevie Big Gee
BROCCOLI Germany Ivan Sainz-Pardo Ivan Sainz-Pardo
Budokai-do Belgium A'an Yayak A'an Yayak
Butterflies in the dark Italy Daniel Mercatali Daniel Mercatali
By Spring United States Ric Poulin Chris Billias
Can we change a changed world? United States Shihyun Wang Shihyun Wang
Cats! Malaysia Paul Russell Shafina Sukiman
CHHI CHHI (DIRTY) India Surabhi Saral Sachdev Rahul Sachdev
ComeBack Not Specified Jacques Dubuisson  
CRACKLE India Eddie Avil, Ashley Rodrigues, Saju Jose Eddie Avil, Ashley Rodrigues
Curing the Incurable? United States Gary Null, director Valerie Van Cleve
D.A.T.E India Sai Deodhar Anand Sai Deodhar Anand
DADDY Poland Kacper Anuszewski Kacper Anuszewski, Tomasz Wolszczak
Dancing with Monica Denmark Anja Dalhoff Anja Dalhoff
David And Goliath United States C. A. MacFinn Clare Kohavi
DAYS OF MARIGOLDS India Mainak Misra Mainak Misra
Def Davyne - KNOW ABOUT US ft. LoLoRae-x-1kB United States Blake Laitner Blake Laitner
Delphine Lecompte-KINGSDAUGHTER Belgium Jess De Gruyter Jess De Gruyter
Desmaraisville Canada Anne Lalancette Cathy Busque
DESTINO Italy Kristina Cepraga Duel Produzioni
Disruption India Anagha Komalankutty Komalankutty Methil
Divine Hapiness Belgium Benoit Genin, Constantin Didisheim Benoit Genin, Christophe Didisheim
DMUS Spain Sadie Duarte Sadie Duarte, Jorge Aparicio
Doomsday Yesterday Taiwan Shihyun Wang Shihyun Wang
Earth Beat Blues France Justiniano Mickael  
Eli United States Jeff Martell  
Entitas France Hugo Diego Garcia Hugo Diego Garcia, Pietro Mercieca , Malo Garcia, Jordan Evrard 
ESPIRAL United States Susana Weingaten Evert Robert J Whiting, Jr., Audrey Cervas
Essays from the North / Ensaios do Norte Sweden Marta Chaves, Beto Valente Marta Chaves
Failing To Success Sweden Luz T.P. Luz T.P., Fernando Alonso Fernandez
Failure - Fabiola Belgium Gilles de Voghel Fabiola
Faith Mexico Jorge Pellicer Avalos Jorge Pellicer Avalos, Alina Montero Muller
Farewell to the Ark Taiwan Yi-Feng Chang Chun-Han Lin
Fat Fought Not Specified    
Feeling Low : Lubiana Belgium Semoulin Mehdi   
First World Solutions Germany Maira Stork Frederik Heinen
From Rooftop to Enchanted Land United States Shihyun Wang Shihyun Wang
Ghost Tours (of Québec) Switzerland Anaëlle Morf Anaëlle Morf
Hauntings And Hallucinations: Three Tales Of Terr Australia Joel Stephen Birnie Joel Stephen Birnie
Hermanos Ecuador Nicole Herrera Roebsteck Grace Serrano Carmona
Hyper Switzerland Alexandre Bilardo, Andreia Ribeiro Andreia Ribeiro, Alexandre Bilardo
I got robbed! - But they said it was my fault United States Shihyun Wang Shihyun Wang
I'LL SHARE IT WITH YOU. Germany Jonas Unden Jonas Unden
Immortals Greece Sofia Touboura Sofia Touboura
In Memory of Paul United States Jamon Holmes Jamon holmes
In Session United States Robert Fritz RJF Productions
India in Standby Spain Javier Montijano Javier Montijano
Indignance Singapore Chen Jiexiao  
Insomnia Canada Gabriel Gueiros  
Insurance can be sometime a dangerous game ! France Daniel JENNY Daniel JENNY
Irish Goodbye Sierra Leone Adetokumboh M'Cormack Adetokumboh M'Cormack, Danny Page, Jared Safier
Jennifer and Robert Canada Joshua Bainbridge Jim Calarco and claire calarco
Jobs Attack - Che fortuna un posto di lavoro! Italy Simone Bianchi Simone Bianchi
Jonas y Romina Mexico elven villecourt  
Journey to Hope United States Anita Kruse  Jesse Sanchez, Anne Hill
KALIMBA France Nicolas Mongin Helene Orjebin
La Giostra Italy Simone Bianchi Simone Bianchi, Emanuela Gallo
Land:Dream United Kingdom Antonio Celotto Lisa Morgenthau
Let me go Russian Federation Ilia Blogovskii  
Lethe France Charles Habib-Drouot Guillaume Massart
Little atelier movie Switzerland Gil Valery Gilles Vuissoz
Looking for the Boy in the Red Shirt United Kingdom Andrew Bethell Andrew Bethell
Lost in the Ocean Portugal Pedro Tavares Pedro Tavares
Maids of Dockland United Kingdom Malcolm A. Benson Theodora Ibekwe-Oyebade
Mail Bomber revealed by Nostradamus Taiwan Shihyun Wang Shihyun Wang
Map to the stars Paraguay Pedro Jaen R. Pedro Jaen R., Wilma Menelik
MAX Austria Juri Zanger Juri Zanger
MI DI WORM no. 10 Switzerland Barbara Peikert Barbara Peikert
Miko Foy - Wasted Time United States Grey Smoley  
Mister Pig Switzerland Cédric Friedli, Yann Moeckli Yann Moeckli
moments in paradise Switzerland bellopropello  
Monsters In Havasu United States Jamon Holmes Jamon Holmes
Mother's tear Taiwan Shihyun Wang Shihyun Wang
Namibia France Matthieu Vinel Matthieu Vinel, Claire Amilhat (Crea Nostra)
ODYSSEY Japan Hirokl Ito  
Opera and Opera performers in Taiwan Taiwan Shihyun Wang Shihyun Wang
Ossip - From father to son Netherlands Anduo Lucia Paul Ruven, Marian Batavier
OUT OF ALEPPO United States Mohammad Shasho Anja Baron, Holly Carter
Out of Coverage Area Switzerland Ali IBRAHIM Ali IBRAHIM , KinoGeneva
passing souls Italy davide canali  
Paul McCartney Wanted - Dead or Alive United States Shihyun Wang Shihyun Wang
Perfectly Right United Kingdom Antonio Celotto Bianca Garimani, Luar Klinghofer Bar Dov
PERFORATIONS Croatia Slobodan Tomić Slobodan Tomić
Planet Summer Finland Olli Huttunen  
Polisi Maling United States Randolph Zaini Ryan Ricardo, Adri
Prime Donne Italy Giacomo Spaconi Alessandro Amato, Luigi Chimienti
Prime Suspects United States Shihyun Wang Shihyun Wang
PULPETTE Italy M. Bevilacqua, A, Lannace , F. Spaziani Inestremaratio, Vargo film , NuovoImaie
Reach for a thousand stars United States Shihyun Wang Shihyun Wang
Red Flares United States Robin Johnston Robin Johnston
Reincarnation Taiwan Shihyun Wang Shihyun Wang
Resonance  Netherlands Siar Sedig Roos Jeroense, Siar Sedig
Riding Through Life With Love By My Side United States Gary Winstead, Gary Winstead Jerasol Winstead
Rima Belgium Sarah Kasmi Sarah Kasmi
Robbed! United States Shihyun Wang Shihyun Wang
Ruffians Belgium Alexandre Jallali Pierre Yves Le Cunff
SACROSANCT Canada Roselle Doyle Roselle Doyle
Secrets revealed in 9 crop circles 2018 Taiwan Shihyun Wang Shihyun Wang
Shaholly United States Wojciech Lorenc  
SHIKISAI - Four Seasons of TOHOKU Japan Kenichi Sasaki  
Shipwrecked United Kingdom Sabrina Marengo Sabrina Marengo
SIGNS France Geoffrey Fouillet Geoffrey Fouillet, Association Objectif Grand Angle, Simon Coud
SIKLUS South Africa Louis Minnaar Lindsay Barnard
SIRI - The Living Scarecrow India Dabboo Malik Neeru Khera
Soul of Steel Switzerland Alexandre Bilardo Alexandre Bilardo
South Africa Netherlands Daan van Reijn  
Spremuta di Mostro Italy Daniel Mercatali, Michele Valtancoli Daniel Mercatali
Spy on spies Taiwan Shihyun Wang Shihyun Wang
ST(R)AY Taiwan Chiang Yao Yiju Chiang
STEAM Netherlands P.H. (Pau Han) Kho P.H. (Pau Han) Kho
Stephan's Big Awakening United Kingdom Stephan Nielsen Alex Howard
Teta, Opi & Me Canada Tara Hakim  
The Arrival of Tempo, inside a Candomblé Ritual Belgium Jean-Noel Lansival Jean-Noel Lansival, Rubia De Oliveira
The Ball Spain Fernando G. Pliego Fernando G. Pliego
The Born Free Generation, Phendulani’s Story and United Kingdom Paul Cooke  Paul Cooke
the breaking 1and2 France philippe Barassat Philippe Barassat
The Broken Forest Mexico Alfredo Uzeta Alfredo Uzeta
The Caterer's Reckoning United Kingdom Jonah Jones Jaye L Swift
The Chimney United States Mengyao Zhang Mengyao Zhang
The choice Italy Alberto Vianello Ass. H2 Hitch & Harvey 
The cost of weed  China Shihyun Wang Shihyun Wang
The Gathering Greece Alkiviadis Papadopoulos Konstantina Sainti
The Grave Inc. United States Debbie Soni Astrid Soni
The Grintingales  France Winterhalter Liza Maria Les Arts' Liés
The Head Trip Chronicles | "Online Society" United States Doug Rich About Face Productions
The Heart and The Void - A House by the sea Italy Daniele De Muro Daniele De Muro
The last crop circle message of 2018 United States Shihyun Wang SHIHYUN Wang
THE LAST RHYME Italy carlo fracanzani carlo fracanzani
The Letting Go - Music Video United States Tyler McElrath Tyler McElrath
The New 30 United States Walter Michael Bost, Joseph Berger-Da Joseph Berger-Davis
The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything Korea, Republic of  The Church of Almighty God  
The perfect relationship Spain Victor Mallo Victor Mallo
The Recipe Italy Giordano Acquaviva  
The Return Netherlands Sander Nap, Nils Vermeire Nils Vermeire, Sander Nap
The River Knows: The Deep Freeze Killer Canada Eric Warwaruk Eric Warwaruk
The Root of Happiness United States Andy Truschinski Andy Truschinski, Sara Kay, Justin Ford, James Weis
The Shroud France Marie Vandelannoote Marie Vandelannoote, Maxime Cuvelier, Karel Martin, Manuel Lau
The Tin Hat Tramp Canada Jim Henry Jim Henry, Randy S. Kirk
The Void  India Saurabh Thakur  
The Wind Canada Jim Henry Jim Henry, Rand S. Kirk
They Call Me BUSKER Belgium Herman Marynissen Steven Luca, Katharina De Clercq
Trinity United States Skip Shea Skip Shea, Stacy Buchanan
Tu Me Manques France Yeliz Bozkurt Yeliz Bozkurt
Tunnelblick Germany Alek Imanov  
Tutu & Pointes United Kingdom Iria Pizania Iria Pizania, Carmen Zografou, Mayra Stergiou
Two summers in Tangier  France Eva Tapiero Eva Tapiero
Two Winters before Syrian Arab Republi Houssam Jlelati , Wiaam Eismail Frères MALAS
Two's Company Denmark Svend Colding Caroline Steenberg Dam
Underwater United States Sandy Ann Stenzel - Beth Slocum Sandy Ann Stenzel, Brian Mackey, Beth Slocum
UNS India Singh Sahab Samir Raees
Urban Survey United States Lauren Carr Lauren Carr
Vonnis Belgium Walt Bladt  
What did I get? LYME or lies? China Shihyun Wang Shihyun Wang
Where Is My Home(Dutch Subtitles) Taiwan The Church of Almighty God  
White Paper Thailand Panya Zhu Panya Zhu
You Are Here Canada Deb Ethier Deb Ethier
You can beat me up but you can't beat me down! Taiwan Shihyun Wang Shihyun Wang

The following (short and Feature) film titles are nominated for the current edition of the

Quarterly Online Short and Feature Film Festival.

This means: these movies have made it through the first selection.

For each of the categories, one winner will be chosen from this list of nominees.

Over the course of the running quarterly edition, more titles will be added as more entries are submitted.

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