12th Edition


Film title Duration Directors Country of Origin
22 Bones, the Adventures of Yorick, a Skull 00:03:50 Deb Ethier Canada
A Ghost in Her Eyes 00:19:55 Tom Procida United States
A Young Girl 00:16:30 Jeannice Adriaansens Belgium
Alea Jacta Est ! 00:12:38 Daniel JENNY France
All's Fair 00:28:00 Mathieu Hussenot France
And She Rode Forth.... 00:02:47 Deb Ethier Canada
Balkan Triangle 01:23:28 Stef Brok Netherlands
Ballad of pipe and necklace 00:12:00 Martin Babić Croatia
BEFORE CHRIST 00:11:00 Cyril Delon France
Before Night Comes - Antigone Speech 00:29:00 JOAQUIM PAVÃO Portugal
Birder 00:12:26 Steven Sterk Belgium
Bright Eyed In The Mornin'  00:02:56 Maria Fiorentini Ireland
Brunch Before Baptism  00:18:49 David C. Luck, Kent J. Arceneaux United States
Doomsday is here! According to Nostradamus 00:29:25 Shihyun Wang United States
Dream flight mode 00:03:54 Olli Huttunen Finland
Enemies of Peace - Preventing the Next War… 01:15:00 Roland Marconi United States
Esterno sera / Nightfall 00:00:00 Barbara Rossi Prudente Italy
Fog in the heart  00:25:05 Erdogan Yildiz  Turkey
Homodustcus 01:02:05 L. Sangrok, N. Kisun, S.  Byungjae, S. Nayeon Korea, Republic of
INSPIRATA 00:03:10 Roselle Doyle Canada
Insurance can be sometime a dangerous game ! 00:16:50 Daniel JENNY France
Jack 00:14:34 Daniele Nicolosi  Italy
La festa triste 00:15:00 Mattia Marcucci Italy
LAID-BACK APPROACH 00:15:00 Gino Ceriachi Italy
LET'S SHARE THE MOON 00:20:00 Mayank Bokolia India
Mary Queen of Scots - The last day 00:30:00 Shihyun Wang United States
Minor Key 00:11:49 Ivan Sainz-Pardo Spain
NIMF 00:07:17   Netherlands
Nothing has to be Official  00:28:00 Irma Oldenburg Netherlands
Occupants 01:20:35 Russ Emanuel United States
PERIPLANETA 00:06:00 Barbara Peikert Switzerland
PIECE OF MIND 00:11:00 Sandeep Mukherjee India
Rally ON/OFF  00:08:21 Aleksandra Artemeva Russian Federation
Red Omen - Ed Roman 00:04:00 Ed Roman, Nelson Diaz and There Be Dragons United States
Remind Me 00:38:21 Tim Van den Branden Belgium
Rooftops 00:04:26 Odeya Rush Australia
RUDI 00:20:00 Piernicola Arena ,  Lillo Venezia Italy
sander +Kristy 00:11:19 Jeroen Swart Netherlands
Sare Jahan Se Accha  00:05:51 Gurprasad Singh India
Saved by Grace 00:11:51 Brandan Haskell United States
Sea at Night 00:26:00 Kim Fabienne Hertinger Germany
SOLANGE 00:13:00 Pascaline Bellegarde France
Sunsberry Snow (Malinen - Snow) 00:03:46 Natalia Sitnikova Russian Federation
Super Science Friends - Episode 6 00:17:48 Laurel Dalgleish Canada
Swung 00:07:32 Fokke Baarssen United States
The Girls are not Brides 00:28:26  KM. Hasan,  N. Nikkon , S. Naher Bangladesh
The hunter and the girl with Pokemon 00:16:47 Wirickx Belgium
The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything 01:26:13  The Church of Almighty God Korea, Republic of
The Spirit Seam 00:14:52 Ashley Gerst United States
The Stranger 00:53:16 Marc Allen United States
Time's Destiny  00:17:25 Ahmed Said Kadiri Morocco
Together 00:02:57 Jev Ireland
TOO DEEP (Adam Evald - That Day) 00:04:59 Natalia Sitnikova Russian Federation
TOO DEEP (Adam Evald - That Day) 00:04:59 Natalia Sitnikova Russian Federation
Toymaker 00:07:04 Nellie Robinson, Barbara Meier United States
VALENTINE 00:23:00 Benjamin Hautenauve Belgium
Wendy 00:17:35 Nelson Costa Silva United Kingdom
Windows and Walls 00:20:50 Charlene Modeste aka MzMuffin Trinidad and Tobago

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