3rd Edition

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2nd Edition

official selection of the nominated

"The Trench"'


"Allegory of the jam jar"

Director: Boris Kuijpers


Director: Samir Khelil

"Aytch Eff"

Director: Samir Khelil

"In Ribbons"

Director: Marie-Valerie Jeantelot


Director: Leon David Williams

''Dubrovnik - Pearl of Adriatic''

Director: Christin Necker

''The World of Microfluidics: Microfluidics and Microbioreactor''

Director: Toby Mory


Director: Mark Bellusci


Director: Sarkaut Taro


Director: kevin Hoffman


Director: Nicolas Wendl

''Burn Out Love''

Director: Joachim Glaser

"A Day In The Life"

Director: Tom Bracone

''Boy Bear and robot''

Director: Joe Loftus

''Sling Express''

Director: Jeanette Nair

''Game of life''

Director: Vialleton Agnès

''Branches of Life''

Director: Katerina Athanasopoulou

''sweet memory will die''

Director: simone pizzi

''YanYan - Strange connection''

Director: Nueraili Maimaitimusha


Director: Alexis Chaviaras


Director: AMIN ELHAG

''The Straight Story''

Director: Sergei Milyaev


Director: Hirtt Sarah

''Natalie's party''

Director: Laure Wybier

''Ripples on the Water''

Director: Alexander Falcon


Director: Vahan Ishkhanyan

''Between Before and After''

Director: Leo Johansson

''Little Man''

Director: 'db' Morgan

''Miss Winn's Garden''

Director: Shanalyna C. Palmer


Director: Maud Neve

''When Our Gardens Grow Silent''

Director: Mzung

''Cinema Chimaera''

Director: Mick Flaaen

''The Texture of the Light''

Director: Arilyn I. Martinez Cora

''Pair of Shoes''

Director: Raul Martin


Director: Yorn Heijnen

''Red Velvet''

Director: Valerio Mazzarella

''Acarus Dumdell Reality or Fiction ?''

Director: Alessandro Cassa


Director: Mikayil Mikayilov

''The No Face Doll''

Director: C.A. MacFinn

''lighthouse keeper''

Director: Nadia Shmeleva

''Desert child''

Director: Luna Steven


Director: David Gilbank

''Whispering grass''

Director: Marie Le floc'h

''Mercy's Blessing''

Director: May Taherzadeh


Director:  Federico Heller

''That's Life - Abner Harris''

Director: Marcelli D'Andrea


Director: Rosemary Hill

''Thirty Paces''

Director: Ahmad Dabiri

''Stille Vann''

Director: Wirtz, Annette


Director: Keith Allen Hayes

''follow me''

Director: Grohmann, Dieter - Michael


Director: Roger Strong


Director: Kelly Stoker


Director: Jimmie Wing


Director: Jimmie Wing

''Public Obscenity''

Director: Stefano Viali

''How To Win''

Director: Mingyuan Liu


Director: Sam Jones

''Finding My Legs''

Director: Alan Amin

''Product Placement''

Director: Ana Diego

''Sunny Boy''

Director: Jane Gull

''Funkenflug - Chronicles of a Catastrophe ''

Director: Stephanie Kiewel

''Fellow Travellers''

Director: David Tomlin

''Full Frontal View''

Director: Mark Bellusci

''Better Than Dog''

Director: Konstantine Kalandadze


Director: Lisandro Boccacci

''Hereditary Collapse''

Director: Emre Kilinc

''The Fixed Shower Head''

Director: Gino Ceriachi

''When the lights stop flashing''

Director: Pedram Khoshbakht

''The Weekend ''

Director: Dennis Cahlo

''Cries in the room''

Director: José Luis Luna

''The end of the movie''

Director: Marie Vandelannoote

"PLAN - I"

Director: Ak Simba


Dirctor: Carlos Jesus Garcia


Director: Shahar Ben Halevi


Director: Cameron Strachan


Director: Arnolda Noir

''I 'am as I'm''

Director: akeepan

''Have You Seen My Boyfriend?''

Director: Lexi Langill

''To Infinity''

Director: Jordan Abrams


Director: Brey Browne


Director: Kristín Ísabella Karlsdóttir

''The last journey of the enigmatic Paul WR''

Director: Romain QUIROT

''Killer Bird''

Director: Daniel Harding


Director: Max Körner


Director: Catherine Gubernick

''We'll see if we drown''

Director: Hugo Becker

''Georgian Dance''

Director: Salome Tkebuchava

''Riptide Rhapsody''

Director: Kenton Brett and David Jarred


Director: Marcus Fiebig

''A Dialogue with Islam''

Director: John General


Director: Dario Melissano

''Because You're Black''

Director: Keyuri Naidoo

''Cotton Candy ''

Director: Sally Kandil

''The Wonderful World of Chinese Characters''

Director: Shan-Pen Lin

''HeavenKid: Time-Space Door''

Director: Derrick, Yung-Te, Wu

''Early Release''

Director: Miguel Guerreiro

''Only Child''

Director: Andy Toovey

''The Human Mirror''

Director: Marc Nadal

''The Turtle''

Director: Thomas BLUMENTHAL

''I feel great''

Director: Mirza Ekinovic




Director: Ertuğrul Musluoğlu

''First Encounter With Authority''

Director: Yavuz ÖZER


Director: Damaris Zielke

''The Diary of Theodore Kracklite''

Director: Jacques Lœuille

''Love surfing''

Director: Theresa Khalil

''Wise decision''

Director: Chris ORLANDI

''Shadows and Lights''

Director: Amir Azizi


Director: Maud Neve


Director: Alberto Martín-Aragón

''Blotch murder''

Director: Goldwicht


Director: Taha Neyestani

''Mexican Flamenco''

Director: Nur Rubio


Director: Paul Sugars

''(Little) Red Riding Hood'

Director: Stéphane GUENIN

''One Day Shoot''

Director: JD Roth-Round

''Dear Boss''

Director: Amanda Fleming

''The Smell''

Director: Kamrul Ahsan Lenin

''Move Me''

Director: Gabe Crate


Director: Kayla Briet

''Suburban Dracula''

Director: Kawita Sareen

''Meet Again''

Director: Evelyn Rei and Rich Silverwood

''The Only Beautiful Woman in Denver''

Director: mick cusimano

''This is not a pipe''

Director: Allex Medrado


Director: Joachim Regent

"Hello Stranger"

Director: Yemi Sawyerr




Director: Lauren Carr

''Within a Walled World''

Director:Anna Witte

''Bug's breakfast''

Director:Martin Helstáb


Director: William Morgan


Director: Jonathan Kemp

''fiery vacation''

Director: fiery vacation

''Marovo Carver ''

Director: Elliot Spencer

''Come what may''

Director: Lara Jouaux


Director: Kerim Duran


Director: Monica Mazzitelli

''Juan and the cloud''

Director: Giovanni Maccelli

''Our Perfect World''

Director: HR Mariana


Director: Noel Harris

''We Were Waves Once''

Director: Asli Umut

''Illegal Move''

Director: Sana Srinivasan And Kyle Lopez

''No place like home''

Director: Beston Zirian Ismael

''Chess People''

Director: Yianni Rowlands

''Little Boy Blue''

Director: Nathan Keene

''Black lake_White moon''

Director: V_kon

''Cap'n Flapjack: The Curse of the Sticky Anchor''

Director: josh steinbauer

''WHO'S IN THE FRIDGE? (a love story)''

Director: Philippe Lamensch

''Welcome To Frogmore''

Director: Gary Winstead

''The Nutcracker Princess''

Director: Lorenzo Lanzillotti

''KINDA BLUE ~ Project Hello! Redux~ ''

Director: Eunkyung Ko


Director: Shwan Attoof

''Man Eating Plants''

Director: Carl David Blake

''Bunny, Getting to Know Dad''

Director: Tatiana Skorlupkina

''American Terror''

Director: Eric Ramos

''How Not To Say I Love You?...''

Director: Amir Ragporker


Director: Christophe Leclaire


Director: Ozan YILDIRIM