4th Edition

The following (short) film titles are nominated for the current edition of the

Quarterly Online Film Festival.

For each of the categories, one winner will be chosen from this list of nominees.

Over the course of the running quarterly edition, more titles will be added as more entries are submitted.


''All the other things''

Director: Egor Chichkanov



Director: woolley patrice


''What The Doctor Ordered''

Director: Yvonne LaBarge


''The Silence''

Director: Cleo Tellier


''A Space In Time''



''Les lions de Mendoza''

Director: Mathieu Alexandre


''Look Closer''

Director: Aleksander Szeser



Director: Nolan Anderson


''Rupee Run''

Director: Tarun Lakshminarayanan



Director: Bobby McCallen



Director: Taymuraz Gogaev



Director: Nicolas KHAMSOPHA


''The language of god''

Director: Subhajit Das


''Jewish Blind Date''




Director: Niko Kühnel


''The Keys to it All''

Director: Oli Braybrook


''This Could Happen to ?You''

Director: Ivana Rados


''Speed Dating''

Director: Heather Nicole



Director: Pedro Duran



Director: Nagaraju Rachakonda


''The Sons of Robert Schuman''

Director: Tommy C Conlon


''Once upon a dream''

Director: Anthony Nion


''Family Feast''

Director: Jakob Kabranlar


''Stella Amore''

Director: Cristina Puccinelli



Director: Ohad Domb



Director: Marnus Nagel


''Guardian Angel''

Director: Amy Telford


''The Conscience''

Director: Tari K. Robinson



Director: Emma Wright


''Mother Knows Best''

Director: Eric Warwaruk


''But elsewhere is always better''

Director: Ostrovsky Vivian


''Working Late''

Director: David Gilbank


''What It's Worth''

Director: Elizabeth Fletcher



Director: Jonathan Stutzman



Director: Anna Constantinova



Director: Carl Carter Greene



Director: Alexandre Laugier


''The Double''

Director: Nicola Hepp


''There's a Stranger in My Mirror''

Director: Plamen Marinov


''Across The River''

Director: Iulia Nastase



Director: Xavier Arijs



Director: Pedro Jaén R.


''The Next Step''

Director: Rachel Medeiros



Director: Igor Sadovski



Director: Ignacio Redondo



Director: Heather Nicole



Director: Nick LeDonne


''The Spectrum''

Director: Sean MacLaughlin


''Workshop for Peace''

Director: Gabriel Dettre


''Paris Paralleles''

Director: Antoine Guibert and Boris Froment



Director: Lorna Kirk


''A Review''

Director: Vasiliki Kordolaimi


''For Freedom''

Director: Ahmad Khoshniat


''Angelito in Your Eye''

Director: Judy Sandra


''Nympho's Diary''

Director: Savvas Christou



Director: Savvas Christou



Director: Paco Arasanz



Director: Kaushal Kumar Singh


''Asylum At Blackthorn''

Director: Tony Chris Kazoleas



Director: Jean-Luc Julien


''In the Rough''

Director: Cappello Vincent


''Don't cry''

Director: Evgeny Krylov


''Inside Job''

Director: Qi DENG


''We Learned To Say Cheese!''

Director: M. Sayibu



Director: Alberto Martín-Aragón


''Like Totally Hot Couple Seeking Same''

Director: Kirsten Russel and Marcel Simonneau



Director: Christopher Tram


''loop the lake''

Director: Jim rucquoi



Director: Lorenzo Ayuso


''Awesome Beetle's Colors''

Director: Indra Sproge



Director: Alam Ali



Director: Maya Tsamprou, Harris Tsambas, Mark Sargent.


''La petite faucheuse''

Director: Katia Fontaine



Director: Bobby McCallen


''Grandma's Alphabet''

Director: Joni Sarina Mejico


''Mission: Apo11o''

Director: Daniel JENNY



Director: Nancy Camaldo, Veronika Hafner



Director: Leo Chiu


''Mystic shore''

Director: Subin Mathew George , Johns Daniel



Director: Pedram Tajik


''Mind Games''

Director: Jonathan Bray



Director: Celina Font



Director: Matthieu Tondeur


''My Life I Don't Want''

Director: Nyan Kyal Say


''Lachek, I am mean''

Director: Fateme Gosheh


''A Quiet Life''

Director: Laurene P. Derya


''Gila Monster: The Adventures of Adrian Manx''

Director: Alonzo Crawford



Director: Ruth Sherman


''a soldier returns''

Director: Charles Tashiro


''Parable of the Prodigal Daughter''

Director: Frank Munden


''Trust yourself''

Director: Raushan Yertay


''She Loves Me...She Loves Me Not?''

Director: Heather Nicole


''Memories of Warsaw''

Director: Robert Webster


''Bern Harbor''

Director: Azad Süsem



Director: Chao, Shun-Wen


''YOU-a step towards clean INDIA''

Director: Saumil patel


''The Party (ASIFA-East Anijam)''

Director: Robert Lyons





''Hunting 2.0''

Director: Olga Proskurnina


''Who Knocks?''

Director: Heather Nicole


''True copy''

Director: Olga Belova



Director: Aaron Lun


''The Fields''

Director: Heather Nicole



Director: Alaa Chnana



Director: Thirati Kulyingwattanavit



Director: Sam Friedman


''Brother Valentine''

Director: Tim Rundel


''Seattle Death Trains''

Director: Gene Bernofsky



Director: Hendrik Ehlers


''The precariousness of the vertical''

Director: Rébecca Fruitman


''The ABC Conjecture''

Director: Brian Philip Katz


''30 Days to Say Goodbye''

Director: Edward King III


''The Hardest Night''

Director: Jennifer Ross


''The Lover's Coat''

Director: Eugene F. Raggio



Director: Sheridan Philipp


''Nate from Lowell, MA''

Director: LinDa Saphan


''Keep it Clean''

Director: Evan Sennett


''The Ruling Hand-Mini''

Director: Jaye Wynn


''How do you like it?''

Director: Fernando G. Pliego



Director: Jijo Sebastian (Jijo S Palatty)



Director: Hassan Fouad


''The Holy Simplicity''

Director: Mihai Leonte



Director: Jay Rao


''A world of Pleasure''

Director: Tina Pfeiffer


''At Fault''

Director: Anthony Hartley


''Counting Stars''

Director: Maanavi Bedi



Director: abbas khademalrasoul (Sam)


''A Tangled Web''

Director: Emmanuel Obi Jr.


''The Penis''

Director: Audrey Noone


''Behead Love''

Director: Koninckx


''Deep into Sleep''

Director: Virgile Novarina



Director: Gregor Hoeppner


''Madame de Berry''

Director: Kim Schonewille


''Hey, Mr. Bass Player''

Director: Naysan Baghai


''The Puppet Master''

Director: Ekaterina Golubeva-Poldi



Director: Robin Bisio

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