12th Edition


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Best National Short Film


Country: Belgium

Director: Benjamin Hautenauve

Best International Short Film 

"Before Night Comes - Antigone Speech"

Country: Portugal


Best Documentary Short Film

"Nothing has to be Official"

Country: Netherlands

Director: Irma Oldenburg

Best Animation Short Film


Country: United States

Director: Nellie Robinson, Barbara Meier

Best Religion Movie Any Length

''The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything''

Country: Korea

Director: The Church of Almighty God

Best Feature Film international

''Esterno sera / Nightfall''

Country: Italy

Director: Barbara Rossi Prudente

Best Feature Documentary

''Enemies of Peace''

Country: United States

Director: Roland Marconi

Best Actress international Short Film

''A Ghost in Her Eyes''

Country: United States

Best Actress : Christia Madacsi

Best Actress National Short

'A Young Girl'

Country: Belgium

Best Actress : Gilda de Bal

Best Actress international Feature film


Country: United States

Best Actress : Briana White

Best Actor International  Feature film


Country: United States

Best Actor : Robert Picardo

Best Music Video Clip

''Sunsberry Snow''

Country: Russian Federation

Director: Natalia Sitnikova

Best Web Serie 


Country: Italy

Director:Piernicola Aren, Lillo Venezia

Best Cinematography

''All's Fair''

Country: France

Director: Mathieu Hussenot

Best Drone film Any length

''Dream flight mode''


Director: Olli Huttunen

Best Wedding Award World Wide

''sander +Kristy''

Country: Netherlands

Director: Jeroen Swart

Best Short Woman Filmmaker


Country: France

Director: Pascaline Bellegarde

Best Actor international Short film

''A Ghost in Her Eyes''

Country:United States

Best Actor : Tom Procida

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