9th Edition

Best National Short Film 9th Edition

"Ménajeux-à-Trois "

Country: Belgium

Director: Xavier Baeyens

Best International Short Film 9th Edition 

"Blessed Days"

Country: France

Director: Valentina Casadei

Best Documentary Short Film 9th Edition


Country: United States

Director: Cheryl Halpern

Best Animation Short Film 9th Edition

''Leave a print''

Country: United Kingdom

Director: Christina S. Nerland

Best Global Impact Award Short Film 9th Edition


Country: Poland

Director: Wojciech Turek

Best Feature Film 9th Edition

''Holy Spirit''

Country: Germany

Director: Mike Baran

Best Feature Documentary Film 9th Edition

''Why is there anything instead of nothing''

Country: Ireland

Director: Patrick O'Shea

Best Actress international Short Film 9th Edition

''Run Rabbit''

Country: United Kingdom

Best Actress : Emily Haigh

Best Actress National Short Film 9th Edition


Country: Belgium

Best Actress : Aafke bruining

Best Actress international Feature film 9th Edition

''Du Satin Blanc''

Country: France

Best Actress : Lise-Delhia Chemsseddoha

Best Actor international Short film 9th Edition

''Guerrilla Wedding''

Country: Australia

Best Actor : Shane Emmett

Best Actor National Short film 9th Edition


Country: Belgium

Best Actor : Filip Hebbrecht

Best Actor International  Feature film 9th Edition

''Unterwelt - The World Beyond''

Country: Germany

Best Actor : Stefan Bornemann

Best Dutch/Flemish short film 9th Edition


Country: Netherlands

Director: mathijs geijskes

Best virtual reality Short film 9th Edition

''Marilyn Martinez''

Country: Netherlands

Director: Lucia Galindo Martinez

Best Music Video Clip 9th Edition

''Varya Demidova - Ashageta''

Country: Russian Federation

Director: Mikhail Romanovskiy

Best Web Serie 9th Edition


Country: France

Director: Nicolas Debru aka Lasko

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